• Research: Leveraged Research is applied to all programs of more than 1 year Duration. Mabels has experience with SBIR STTR, NSF, NIST, DARPA, and NCMS programs. These programs provided added funding at not cost towards the research efforts undertaken. In all cases these research programs must be undertaken by a US corporation. Research programs from such sources often form the foundation of eventual FDA or FAA approvals.

  • Development:  Developing technology requires a cogent understanding of the intellectual property rights of competitors, the regulatory requirements of each applicable market, and a comprehensive technical grasp of the requirements. Mabels is one of the only firms which provides experience in intellectual property, experience in FDA and FAA regulatory procedures, and pre-design technical feasibility analysis.

  • Design:   Even when supported by a sound research and development program, design still comprises a creative blend of engineering, manufacturing expertise, and a strong understanding of financial constraints. Mables is one of the few firms where very design is undertaken with each of these disciplines represented throughout the design process. 

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